“Five Things that Remind Me of Cebu When I stayed in Danang City”

If I would given a chance to be an expat again in Vietnam for one to two months, I would definitely choose Da Nang because it reminded me so much of my tiny hometown back in the Philippines.I hate to say this but this is my current favorite place in Vietnam.Perfect place for chinwags and city-hopping adventures.Granted, Hoi An and Hue are pretty close to this city.

But nonetheless, you should try to do these things when you  drop by in this stunning place.

1.”Moalboal like” in Danang

If you are a beach junkie or looking for a romantic getaway for couple and honeymooners will likely appreciate the soft sandy beach and stunning sunsets in Pullman Danang Beach Resort.It offers a wide range of recreational activities like playground and oversize swimming pool to fancy dining and villas to an absolute beachfront location while watching the perfect wedding nearby.

But the best way to see and experience local life in Danang,is to go along My Khe beach for a quick swim and beach sports such as soccer and volleyball after school or work.And when the sun goes down, try to grab some munchies from local vendors and let the waves hit your feet and the sand be your seat.


Enjoying the beachfront atmosphere at Pullman Danang Beach Resort with my awesome friends. 

2.Fermented fish in Ha Market

A tiny fraction of the thinking that goes on in my mind when I entered the market goes like this “I smell something fishy, literally, it smells fishy here.” And as I go along the hallway.The aroma of fermented fish will punched you all the way and they called it  mam, a specialty in this area of Vietnam.And heck yeah, it reminded me of boiled green bananas with ginamos (fermented fish) as one my favorite snacks especially when I’m the province.

It smells like a mixture of spoiled organs that you can think of, but Man, it tastes really awesome.But nonetheless, this market is a real one stop market, you can find anything from housing accessories, delish food to several fake brands clothes and shoes that runs from 6AM-7PM.

This photo is not mine.

3.Ba Na Hills

I wouldn’t mind travelling solo to find this nook-countryside-french-village in Truong Son Mountains,which is  the westside part of Da Nang city since it’s absolutely a combination of nature, beauty and art. Yeah! You’ve heard it right dude! This is the place that should be visited in the morning to witness the beauty and sheer brilliance of French architecture.

Aside from the beautiful scenery, they also offer range of entertainment like magic booth, live music and dance performance, wax museum and even arcade games for both children and adults.It’s such a high! I feel like a Parisian, roaming around the cobblestones streets trying to speak French.What could be better? Temple of Leah in Cebu is not far away from this mountain resort.


Parisian chic in Ba Na Hills Mountain Resort

4.Candy-Pink Cathedral is love

Did I mention that from coffee to food to lingo, the relationship between France and Vietnam has left a big mark on local culture especially the architecture.Granted, there are many places in  Vietnam from their capital city (Hanoi) down to their modern city (Ho Chi Minh City) has one of the most stunning architectures and Da Nang is no exception.

I stumbled this candy-pink Cathedral that reminds me of the calmness in my soul, everytime I hit churches of my hometown.I’ve seen several churches in Vietnam but this Rooster church is my favorite so far because it has a grotto behind the church.And by the way girls, pink is the true meaning love! So better off! Take your selfie stick and snap this as your background.You never know when the person that your waiting for is just right behind you.


Sorry guys! This photo is not mine.Credits to the owner this photo.

  1. Sweet delicacies

I do watch what I eat but I’ve got a huge sweet tooth, so sometimes I can’t help myself to dig into something sweet.If you’re nodding to yourself and saying “Me too”, then Da Nang is the place to be.From peanut brittles to butter cookies to coconut flour crackers, which reminds me of “otap” in Cebu.Yummers!

But if you’re looking for one-stop shopping for your family and friends back home and just want to chill afterwards while watching the dragon bridge in a distance.Then, you should hit in Da Nang Souvenirs and Cafe, which is located along the river and it offers a wide range of souvenirs to pick and delicacies as well.But a lil bit pricey, though! So, I went out from the store with nothing.At least, I grab something from their cafe.


Got some fresh drinks after strolling around the beautiful city


Danang Souvenirs and Cafe is located in 34 Bạch Đằng, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng

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