Macau Has Surprised Me

Let me play this out for you.

Your thoughts drifted to Macau, where at 7am, you waited for the bus somewhere in the middle of Nathan Road.Got a messy hair and a phone battery drained almost to zero because you left discharged in your bag.Oh Dang , such a bad luck! But that’s fine, it’s just a bad luck, not a bad life! You had hope that it would still last until you go back in your hostel from the city of dreams.

And finally, as you walked into the arrival terminal, tote bag slung around your shoulder, your eyes lit up because you’ve heard a familiar tone coming from nowhere and then, you realized that it was your fellow citizen with full of energy and ready to give some tips to easily go around the place.Not just once, not just twice but multiple times, I met these people in every place I go.


1.The romantic feels in Venetian Macau
If my memory serves me right, this place took a few episodes from one of the Korean drama “Boys Over Flowers” when Jan-Di takes a gondola ride with Ji-Ho and Jun-pyo’s expression grows troubled when he receives emailed photos on his phone.Anyway, I’m fangirling way too much, I need to calm down.Aha! Don’t mind me.Let’s just get back to the place!
The resort-hotel is also famous for its casino.But if you don’t want to play, touring around the Grand Canal Shoppes area would be the best choice, which can be found on the third floor of the hotel.Aside from canal and gondola with a fake blue-sky, you can enjoy shopping around area combined with high-end brand names from clothes, jewelry and other goods.
And one of the amazing things I like about Macau is there are many free shuttle buses between the Venetian Macau-Resort-Hotel and other areas criss-crossing all over the island such as airport, hotel lobby and ferry terminal.

For more information on getting around in Macau.

Please click on the following links:


Sshhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Be careful what you wish for!

2.The Portuguese style tiles at Senado Square

After taking some loads of pictures in Venetian, we decided to explore the cultural sites in downtown area, so we walked to City of Dreams from The Venetian ; hopped in COD free shuttle bus to the Grand Lisboa and walk straight to Senado Square and then St. Ruins.
If you want to walk through in a cobble stones with a beautiful spray of black and peach coloured tiles, then you should first touring around the place from Senado Square before hitting the St Paul Ruins.



Scorching hot like the heat of the sun on stone, but stand still to get that perfect pose right here

3.St. Paul Ruins and Free Taste of Local Delicacies
Your entire trip would not be complete without having a free taste of almond cookies and pork jerkies along this busy street going towards to St.Paul Ruins.In fact, we ended up buying a bunch of almond of cookies from Pasteria Koi Kei.

Beside from the free food and souvenirs along this long alley, you will find yourself lucky enough to see the beautiful facade of St.Paul Ruins, remains intact which burned down in a fire in 1938.


My little dents on my upper cheek are happy to see you Macau.Plus, I got some almond cookies inside my plastic bag.

4.Hello Kitty puts you in a diabetic shock

Not only famous Macau Egg Tart can be found on this crowded and cramped pathway between Senado Square and St.Ruins but also the frozen yogurt with a Hello Kitty-shaped cookie on top is a must try sweet-fillers.For some reasons, this baby has the taste exactly like ice cream. The texture of the ice cream is very soft not a melting-soft of way but more like a gelato-soft.I know, it’s pretty expensive but man, it’s worth the price!


My favorite shot from the entire trip in Macau because it’s full of drama

5.The Parisian chic in Eiffel Tower

After finish wandering from the heart of the cultural district, we headed down to The Parisian Hotel but this time around, we opt to take a public bus only for less than a two dollar.Of course, the only real way to end your experience in Macau is to get the ultimate feel being a Parisian chic in The Parisian Eiffel Tower in Taipa City.

As you go hopping from hotel to hotel, under the great Arch from the Eiffel tower or just simply under the canopy of the blue sky watching the fascinating tower in a distance will surely give you the chill of the Parisian lifestyle.


Princess Ariel was so happy to see her fish tail was all gone!

Personally, I would like to give a big like for the entire place along with glitzy hotels and free shuttle buses that they offer for random visitors.However, right then and there, you realized that this is not the only place for the rich people who stayed one of those luxurious hotels but in every corner of the alley, there are some hopeful countrymen from the immigration spot to the hotel lobby to the souvenir shop, who have a common denominator of their lives and that is to earn enough money to give a decent education for their children, spend money when serious illness strikes and getting a vacation together with their entire family and  that’s HAPPINESS for them. “The purpose of having wealth is to use it to create the life you desire, enhance the lives of the people you care about and leave a legacy that represents your passions and values”, a wonderful thoughts to steer by from the book of Napoleon Hill. Because money can make us smug and materialistic, leading us to miss out on life’s simple pleasure if you don’t know how to use it responsibly.

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