Thank you, my first byline on a magazine is a DREAM COME TRUE .Plus,  traveling to other countries is a BIG BONUS from my DAY JOB TO DREAM JOB. 




What do you when you’re stuck to choose between your passion and the practical path? Do you really have to choose between income and love? What would happen if you found a way to make them one and the same or combine them?

 To begin with, let me tell you something, I am by no means an expert on this topic. This article is drawn from my personal experiences as an educator, which is my day job and a lifestyle magazine writer, which is my dream job.


Ever since when I was a little kid I hear this bit of advice quite often and sure I even carry that title with me every day. It seems like a song which is “Carry you with me”, it keeps me warm, it keeps me safe, it keeps me hoping and even keeps me awake every day to go to school.  However, as I get older I realized that the decision to choose between passion and practicality is not a permanent one. And every chance I get to talk with my friends and they ask me some questions like this I personally, don’t tell my friends to do that sure but rather encourage them to understand their real life situation and what are the important things to them before they follow their passion.

For one, are you the breadwinner? Choosing a high-paying job might mean helping your family to survive on a daily basis or to sustain for your long-term goals.  Are you a post-college graduate with no connections, no home to your current city? Then, choosing the higher paying job might be the opportunity you need to start paying off those bills, for now.

Now, let’s qualify this piece into bits.

If you can’t afford to do the thing you’re passionate about—let say, if you do it and you won’t be able to feed your family, or putting your siblings through schooling or it would keep you from graduating college (which is something you think is more important than whatever you’re passionate about) then please NO, you’d better not bet your economic life on it because not all of us are born with a silver spoon in our mouth.

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t work on your passion a little—even if it’s for 15 minutes a day. Though, finding the time to work on your side hustle can be a challenge ‘cause there are a lot of things that you need to give up like watching Netflix and Korean Dramas, no hang-outs and home-cooked meals on weekdays, and etc. crazy to some,  but if you’d rather sleep in and stay up later to side hustle in the evening, you can do it as well. As what Meghan Markle said,Don’t give it give five minutes if you’re not going to give it five years”

Being an educator and having a side hustle as a lifestyle magazine writer is truly challenging. Plus, I juggle between blogging and vlogging on the side, which is even more challenging. And if you’re gonna ask me why do I have to do it. Simply because it’s MY PASSION.  I don’t want my 7 year-old version of myself to cry for not doing the things that I love and it’s not about being labeled as a multi-hyphenated person but it’s about SELF-FULLFILMENT.

Currently, I spend my day grinding away at my day job then head home excitedly and transition into side hustle mode before the midnight. I am double major. I was able to combine my passion and practicality to make my dreams into reality. And I never ceased to be amazed by what I can accomplish when I let go of my imagined limits to face the possibilities with an open heart.

You take a small step toward making it a reality and you see what happens. Who knows? Even the smallest step can change everything.

And after you have figure out yourself what’s important to you, then you can add more meaning to your life. Discover your purpose in life in order to help other people but always remember it shouldn’t be a chore but rather it should be interesting and fun like an overflowing coffee. SPILLING GOOD VIBES!

What about you? What did you think about these questions that I mentioned in the first line? Please let us know how you feel and what’s your stand about this topic down the comment below. Thank you. Have a good one.

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