Five DIY things you wish you knew when you visit Hong Kong

In the space of three days, I knew I was on a cloud nine. From the moment, I got off from the plane down to last minute of returning the Octopus Card to get the deposit were absolutely one of the inconsequences of my life.You need to learn how to by pass the express train because you opt to take the bus to reach your destination even if it takes you a long time.Because I do believe an express train ride is not for everybody and this includes me.DIY travels is, at its best.

Sure, nothing beats stumbling across a hidden gem in every cramped alley, the atmosphere of local restaurants and the life of Hongkongers, especially the aged people who even work on a night shift in fastfood chains.All of these things that I’ve done through following the threads:

1.How you wish you talked to strangers

Staying on a small island like Hongkong with locals is different than staying on a tourist package island.Why? You will never have a chance to notice the shoes people are wearing because you need to pay attention on what’s the tourist guide is saying or else you’re losing yourself.

This double-deck bus runs as early as 5:30 down to 12:00 midnight but there are also buses operates 24/7 depending on the routes or the kind of bus you’re planning to use.Trust me, it is very affordable and convenient equipped with air-conditioned and WIFI access plus the final destinations are shown on the front of the buses in English and Chinese.Granted, a simple exchange of hellos or a brief interactions can help us feel connected to other people.Don’t assume that other people will be snobbish because there are other people want to chat, too.

Please check out the link down below for the guide on how to stroll around the city easily using the City Bus.


Nice to meet you A21! Please drop me somewhere in Kowloon Road.I promise to carry an exact fare or pay by an Octopus card when boarding. BTW guys, speaking of Octopus card, you can get the card from the moment you arrived at the airport (Customer Service).You can pay your fare on the bus or ferry with this card or even grab some munchies in 7 eleven.

2.How you wish you never paid for some bucks

The only way to truly experience the beauty of Hong Kong’s natural wonders with your naked eyes is to climb down to the Victoria peak, which is known as Mount Austin.Whether you’re a novice landscape photographer or have sold thousands of your photos, this is the place to go-to spot if you want to see the entire view of Hongkong island surrounded with numbers of high skyscrapers.

Anyway, if you are not willing to spend some bucks like me, try to go on the top-floor of Peak Galleria Terrace, which is free of charge rather than paying 88 HK dollars at the Peak Tower for getting the similar vistas.

Please check the link down below on how to get in this jaw-dropping place.

14291787_1372544929453312_339667458338817100_nThe sky was not in the mood of showing the sun.

3.How you wish you knew the place

Sure,  “Avenue of Stars” is one of your bucketlists when visiting Hongkong but sad to say some of the most popular statues like Bruce Lee, McDull and Anita Mui along with Jackie Chan’s handprints have been relocated to the Tsim Sha Tsui East Waterfront Podium Garden, also known as “Garden of Stars”.No worries guys, this is just a temporary spot as of now since “Avenue of Stars” is under construction for better experience especially those people who love movies.

14330018_1372545412786597_8810436967523689617_nThe best actress award for this year goes to the woman standing in front of me.

4.How you wish you knew the time

The stunning night view along the beaches of Victoria Harbour is a famous attraction packed with a full-view of high-rise building dancing along with the glitzy lights in a distance, which is one thing that I really missed because I was ultimately late for magnificent music show and famous laser lights in Hongkong.

So, you can remind yourself to to the next step and ask yourself? “What time is it? OMG! It’s already 8:30 pm?” Ooops! You’re late darlin’. Sorry! But you have to make sure that you have to be at 8pm sharp or before the time because it only lasts for 20 minutes. Well, you can swing in the next day if you still have remaining days, though.


The perfect view of Victoria Harbour Dancing Lights

5.How you wish you knew the cheaper foods

If you want to get in touch with the local culture or might as well expand your horizons, so better off try to stick to local food and of course, eat cheap but still get the best taste in town all you need to do is to find where the crowded tables are because I’m pretty sure it’s a good sign and just in case, you don’t know what to eat, take a closer look of whatever your neighbor is having.I bet those are yummers! Plus, night market is just around the corner so you better check it out if you want to get some souvenirs for your family, friends or even loved ones.


They offer tasty and cheap fish balls, tofu, rice cake, meat on skewers, a bowl of noodles and etc. for a dollar or two.Bring your feet down to Jordan Street to get your favorites.







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