Five things that make you happy when you visit Hue City


Those are initial feelings from the moment I stepped down from the bus for 2-3 hour-ish ride from Da Nang Airport not to mention that I had sleep deprivation.

But when I went straight out of the bus station to get a taxi. I was overwhelmed how the people behave and the entire place just healed me from being tired, cranky and sleepy.You know why? Because people of Hue are in less of a hurry and less traffic compare to other cities, you can even lie down in the middle of street and not be bothered with anyone running you over.Just kidding! Don’t kill yourself man!

I had a good sleep the night before so, the next day I was packed with energy to hit the road for a day.Here are simple things that you can do that will make you happy.

1.Start your day off right!

Fuel your morning with these delish foods from one of the small eateries in Truong Dinh Street, which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.Trust me! The best way to do when you want to taste the legit cuisine in Hue is to follow the locals where they always flock.

In fact, I tried their famous egg breakfast meal like omelette with sausage and meat served with baguette warmed to just crisp plus an orange juice on the side.Just simply perfect!


Got our brekkie as early as 7 o’clock or so in the morning along with these soft-spoken people

2.”Your highness, Please let me in”

After a heavy meal, my random friends and I headed down to a massive palace which is Hue’s Imperial Citadel that left intact and they turned it into a museum displaying of royal family’s items.You just have to prepare 100,00 VND for the ticket if you want to get inside.

Whether you’re a history buff or a fantasy fan, this place is an epic.You’ve got the feel of historical korean drama moods if taking the responsibility to know all the battle-field is not your thing.Well, you can just ask Mr Google afterwards.



The foreground is way better than the background.It’s just stunning! Lol


3.Sea-food Floating Restaurant

We all tanned up for the whole morning by visiting some ruins and school architecture so we ended up hungry.So, we decided to get our lunch somewhere where you feel like a complete stranger. Somewhere on the way up to the Thua Thien-Hue province where we passed through beautiful rivers, vibrant cemetery, green fields and sometimes just simple houses along the coast.

Dam Chuon Lagoon is quite far from the city but goodness gracious, the long ride was worth it from the time we boarded on a tiny little boat which is a minute away to the restaurant was truly surreal because you get to see the fishermen picking a bunch of crabs, fishes and shrimps around the river which are served fresh on our plates.Yummers!


We have to take a small boat all the way to the floating restaurant! Row, row , row your boat on the way to the port! Happily, Happily, Happy as we go! 


Voila! And we’re here! Time to eat guys! ăn thôi!

4. Coffee shops

One thing that I wouldn’t want to trade my memories off is a warm cup of coffee and good conversation.I don’t mind at all if you’re gonna take me on the sidewalk coffee or small coffee as long as I’m enjoying your company over a cup of Joe even if the time is fleeting.It gives me a high-sky not because of the subtle, concentrated and slow coffee just like their personality especially HUE people but rather it’s a good way to get to know each other and you can accomplish a lot from 20-minute conversation usually in a very quiet and peaceful place like HUE.

Now, there are many cafes sprouting in the city like almost in every corner but if you want to stay in shady streets I recommend you to go along Houng river to find a perfect spot.



A warm or cold cup of coffee and good conversation. What could be better?


5.Live Concert Plus Meet and Greet

We managed to catch a free outdoor concert in downtown that went all night.Going to concerts is something that I wouldn’t want to miss, granted if that is something new to me just like hanging out with these local people and get to enjoy the Vietnamese local taste in music and how they worship their favorite celebrities or singers in a subtle way.

After the short-winded concert we had a chance to finally meet one of the real-life couple singers Đông Nhi Ông Cao Thắng at the hotel like we literally linger for hours to take a picture with them.Twas a beautiful night and the music was great even if I don’t understand it.Yada yada yada.



katkatI exerted a large force to stand on the edge of the potted plant to get the perfect view right there


fanFangirling with TEAM Đông Nhi Ông Cao Thắng.BTW guys, most of my students know Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes in the Philippines.Proud here!

Such a HAPPY DAY! I can’t contain my happiness in one day. What about you? How do you make a HAPPY DAY?

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