Five Beautiful Lessons I learned when I watched Beauty and the Beast

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Have you heard about the joy of anticipation? Just like a kid who is so very excited about her birthday tomorrow and would literally jump up and down with excitement or even looking forward to something, it’s either a holiday or a movie that you really wanted to watch. Goodnesss Gracious Me! I can’t simply put into words how I feel but too often I watch the full-trailer for “the nth times” and even attempted to study the British accent. Sounds pretty dope huh! (Yeah, right)
It seems like you’re gripping the first five pages that makes you happy but the more you read it, the happier you got.I mean, there are a whole lot of CHANGES from the feminist stant character of Belle to more added Celion Dion songs to a new modern taste of the story are just simply baked right. A flavorful story just right for the millennials, seriously. But here’s a tricky thing, if you won’t go deeper of the story and pay attention to every word and character. You will completely detach from the story and simply  go out from the theater with an empty popcorn box and lousy cup of ice. Daahhh! Just throw it baby!
Now, here’s to have a half-full and half-empty glass of lessons from the story Beauty and the Beast.

“The girl is strange, no question”
-Townspeople (Little town song)

I’ve been travelling a lot but I haven’t heard about generic airport. I mean, every place has a specific design of an airport. But in the movie, you will find a generic people who live inside the box and expect generic thoughts and responses except Belle on her own. The townspeople cannot understand Belle because she thinks differently like inventing her own DIY washing machine that’s pulled by a donkey walking in a circle so she could sit down and teach the young girl to read. However, the locals got angry and destroyed it and even distanced the young girl from her because it was so foreign and unknown for them, which is beyond on their intelligence.
Nowadays, we are so obsessed with fitting in the crowd and do what people expected as we do. Perhaps because we are so scared that people might judge us for being honest like putting a salt in your hot chocolate or talking to your cat.I mean, we are all weird because we have lots of idiosyncratic habits but we tend to cut away pieces of ourselves to suit a particular relationship whether in your job or circle of friends.And that’s NOT YOU anymore.

With this, Belle reminds us not to lose your own identity because you’re unique.So, live it.


“I want adventure in the great wide somewhere, I want it more than I can tell”

Someone said,”Some birds are not meant to be caged, their feathers are too bright” and that is YOU. You need to soar high and get your dreams come true. DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS.

In the movie, Belle knows that she has more purpose than simply be someone’s little wife in the village. While all the other townspeople have settled for “this provincial life,” and even tried to persuade her that there is nothing outside the village but opposite to what most people think she knows that there is so much more than this isolated town. And it takes a big decision and a couple of steps to nudge her self out from comfort zone to the stretch zone, which is unfamiliar to her such as reading books, inventing some stuff and braving herself alone into the wild forest filled with hungry wolves just to save her father when Maurice goes missing and is captured by the Beast.Inevitably, she falls in love with the Beast, whom she deserved more than the man like Gaston who believes that a woman’s place should be in the kitchen, cooking and cleaning for her husband, not be able to read books and learn about the world.

With this, Belle challenges us to read more books, go to unfamiliar places, learn new language, or study a new course that will hone your skills. BE A BETTER VERSION OF YOURSELF, ALWAYS.


” You have to help me, you have to stand”

This lesson alone is one of my favorite from Beauty and the Beast. Belle stands out from other disney female characters who are passive and could do nothing for themselves.She is intelligent, passionate, headstrong and independent and she knows what she wants for a partner who has the same goals, desires and ambitions like her even if they bring different strengths, abilities and background but they blend together and balance each other out. Like “I got you, you got me” kind of relationship, it simply reminds me of a short interview of group of  kids about definition of love and a young girl goes like this “Love is like when you tell him you like his shirt and he keeps wearing it.” Snap! I love it!
With this, Belle inspires women that we don’t need to marry rich or successful people like Gaston but find someone who is willing to work with you to achieve great things in life.


“Take it with you, so you’ll always have a way to look back and remember me.” 
-the Beast

Both Belle and the Beast have a terrible past that shaped them into the people who they are.Beast has a heart of stone because of his unfair and cruel father as well as the heartbreak of losing his mother at such a young age. On the other hand, Belle has a terrible childhood that makes her saddened because of the death of her own mother and the affect it carries on her father.Eventually, they help each other to face and deal with that pain and grief that they have so long buried that they are truly able to accept it and grow as a person in the present.
With this, Belle and the Beast want us to be grateful with people or circumstances that happened in the past regardless of the ending, whether it leaves you a positive or negative impact. Because it helps you who and where you are right now.

Beast: I let her go
Cogworth: But what? Why?
Beast: Because I love her
They say if you love somebody, set them free and if they come back it’s meant to be. And if they don’t, they never were.

Even though letting Belle go means that he might be retained to a life of a destined Beast forever, he does anyway. This sacrifice is the ultimate act of true love. Though, he hopes that Belle will return not only to break the spell but also because he loves her and he is willing to give up his own life.I mean, that’s incredible! It takes a real man to do that! His character blows my mind, absolutely! And I love him.
With this, Belle wants us to believe in real love. If it is true love, it will return and find us no matter what happens.

Beauty and the Beast has sprinkled with a generous amount of modern twist, smart, fresh ,funny and well-researched project that you want to invite Emma Watson out for a cup of coffee and appreciate her for rejecting Cinderella role and accepted Belle as her own role model character.

What about you? Which movie character are you? Have you watched such an inspiring movie, what are some things you have learned from the movie? Please share your thoughts to ponder below. Spill the Good Vibes!

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