Top Five Foods to try in Thailand

Spare me a minute please, picture this.You’re hungry from strolling around to get a traditional Thai massage  experience but ended up in food stalls along the sidewalk display of seafood haven.Quickly, you give the once-over to the menu on the sign, calculate in your head how much bucks does it cost versus how leisurely is your experience over delicious conversations.Then, you decided to take your paper bag on the chair and recite your choice and wait for the crew to come at your table.One of the best dining experiences I’ve ever enjoyed by far.

Sure, one nickname you may have for Bangkok is the world’s most popular travel destination but what you may not know that Bangkok is also a perfect spot for foodie lovers like me.Plus, eating gross things is fascinating to you, then this place has to be on your list. But don’t worry I won’t post disturbing pictures this time around because I wan’t you to see the rich catchy feel that will end up being stuck in your head.

1. Oh Salmon! I love you!

The small seafood stalls along the sidewalk on Sukhumvit road, near to Nana BTS station is a smart choice if you are looking for the freshest and mouthwatering big blue prawns, Alaska King crab, oysters and my ultimate favorite! Salmon, Oh my Salmon! Granted, red salmon is a kinda rubbery to me because it’s pretty expensive but heavens, it’s definitely worth the penny. The texture of the fish is so soft like a candy floss and the richness of the flavor is a bomb! It seems like I’m eating a mushy potato with a lot of spices going on in my mouth!


I ordered grilled salmon with a cup of rice that costs me around 150 baht per slice.But it gives me an ultimate pulse of satisfaction!


Arriving near to Nana station unexpectedly with fresh and sumptuous seafood like this.

2. Mama Dolores on the go!

This old time pizzeria of Mama Dolores’ pizza is a perfect spot that should be handed down to the next generation because you can literally see live action station, wherein the woman or man is making the fresh pizza right in front you while you’re chatting with your friends.Plus, it doesn’t exceed in your budget! I mean, you can get 10 boxes of pizza when you’re celebrating your birthday or just having a company meeting in between.And hey! for pizza lovers, a good pie is the best gift from Mama Dolores that you should try when you visit in Thailand.


I grabbed a mini margarita pizza with 8 slices for only 75 baht.


Mama Dolores teaches her how to make a dough firmly with feelings.

3.Sticky rice with mango on the side!

Calm down Filipino folks! I know you’re thinking about “puto” (sticky rice) and sikwati (hot chocolate) with ripe mango on the side right now. But, I’m telling you this popular Thai dessert is a big thing for Thai people because you can find this dessert all over Thailand unlike our “puto” and “sikwate” is no longer common nowadays back home.But I would like to give a double thumbs up for those vendors who remains to be patrons on this traditional breakfast in Cebu City.

Anyway, I haven’t tried every sticky rice champ in town, but Khao san Road is the first place that I stumbled on, where I can see this sweet food really stands out in the the crowd.So, I grabbed a 50 baht from my purse in exchange with not-so-soggy sticky rice with the coconut milk toppings on it. However, I know that I want more flavorful and softer than this one but hey, not bad for the first timer like me. Perhaps, the second time around is a way better.


Whenever you go to Khao san road (famous tourist hub), this sticky rice priced you up around 50 baht.

4.Take a bite of Thai Crepes

I might have to snack on things that contain points and this traditional snack “Kanom Buang” is giving me a 100% satisfaction.Notto mention that this handful snack is a random pick along one of the snack stalls, which is pretty close to the river at Tha Pra Chan where you can see a number of vendors selling the famous crispy snack that looks like a taco, but it doesn’t taste anything like that.I just love the balance of the salt, sugar and sweet orange shrimp filling inside.I’d have to say, one of my favorite snack foods.


I enjoyed eating cheap and tasty food,  this crunchy one  costs me around 15 baht only.Yummers!

5. Yummy and Healthy Green Salad Yo!

If you’re vegetarian or want to eat healthy and extremely delicious Thai street food. I would personally recommend Som Tam (Green Papaya Salad) because the punch of the spiciness brings a great flavor of the shredded papaya, toasted peanuts, fish sauce, lime juice and sugar.A bombdiggity appetizer to start before grabbing a heavy meal for lunch or dinner at any food courts in Bangkok like TESCO LOTUS or  The Mall, which perfect sample to try a wide range of cheap and tasty Thai foods in a clean and air-conditioned spot.


If you want to get cheaper than 50 baht, then you can also get it along the street foods talls from 30 to 35 baht only.


My friend and I are getting a quick pose before her baby giving us some tantrums for not eating first  inside the food court at The Mall.

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