Five Reasons Why Pia Wurtzback is a Living Mentor to every Filipino woman


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” I still consider myself as a student and I’m learning more and more everyday”-Pia Wurtzback
If the key of living an amazing life is learning, how do I learn? When you are a curious soul, you have a strong desire to know and learn something, it’s either how things work for people or how people works things differently.

Some of us find our mentors by running our eyes through books since some of us want to know how Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity changed the world or how Aristotle’s ethical theory worth the attention for making decisions about right and wrong in everyday life.
And even the most interesting people here on earth have their own life coaches as well.Bill Gates has Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey has Maya Angelou and Plato has Socrates as their mentors to play it forward on every stage of the game.But I guess we all know, some of these solid mentors had passed away and the only way to learn their lives and life lessons is through reading books.So, that’s why some of us even travel and explore the world to find mentors to develop our skills particularly on something that you are passionate about.

That having said, it’s ironic then, that our society pressures women into keeping their focus on superficial things rather than living a life that is purposeful.It means being a woman whose life is not defined by nail salons, clothing boutiques and comes flashy at all times- but one who lives for so much more. It means having goals, believing in dreams, and holding on to your values. Part of me thinks about Miss Universe Pia Wurtzback is definitely has an attitude to call to action to become a queen on her own life and inspires women around the world and that includes me. Here’s the five valid reasons why we need to become one.
1.She is the perfect definition of beauty, brains and personality

With her beauty, brains and big heart, no wonder Pia Wurtzback is in every heart of every Filipino people.She’s kind of a walking poem that in every single syllable that she says in a philosophical way is a mind-boggling.I hope that every girl learns from her teachings that having a smart brain gives you a beautiful thoughts that makes you confidence being a beautiful woman on her own way that would lead her into a good personality in her society.


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2.She was a fierce fighter

I don’t know her personally, but what I learned after studying about her life is to never make your suffering as your weakness, use it as a motivation. I look up to Pia Wurtzback because I believe that she is a woman of strong character. She teaches us to pick ourselves up through hard times and never lose faith no matter how bad the situation might be.


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3.She never gives up

For the record, Pia is one of the oldest Miss Universe holders who had failed twice before becoming the Queen.And it took her a long journey along with sleepless nights, setbacks and tears.However, she remained intact to her dreams and never complain whatever is thrown to her because she knows what she wants and that is to become a Queen.


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4.She believed in herself

She taught us to believe in our selves even when nobody else believes in you.And she inspired millions of women around the globe who have been distracted by their bashers or nay-sayers that don’t let anything or anyone pull yourself down. You have to work hard every single day towards your goal.Nothing is ever given to you for free, so keep working.


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5.She motivated the world by her acts of kindness and words

She is a woman of great strength-of-character and value-in-a-person and has motivated many people around the world through her beautiful heart and powerful words. After facing so many challenges in her life, she came out strong and tenacious. She never lost hope and kept on trying hard. As being one of the captivating and inspirational women, she used the power of her words and attracted millions of people.


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“To remove the stigma, somebody has to step forward and do something so other people will follow suit. I will have myself tested in New York, it will be a public testing, so that I can show everybody how easy it is to do and how important it is. Hopefully, this will help in removing that social stigma. One challenge that I want to demystify (about the disease) is that you can’t live a normal life if you have this disease. With the right treatment, you can live a normal life. It’s also about educating people that they don’t have to treat people with HIV/AIDS differently.”-Pia Wurtzback

I hope after reading this article, you come out like a Queen that gives an invitation of happiness to become a woman who have values and strong.What about you, which personality did you like the most about the Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzback? Why did she inspire you? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below and always spill the good vibes by sharing this post to your HAPPY FRIENDS!!!

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