Five Perks of being Single on Valentine’s Day


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A downtown area can suddenly mushroom into a vast, sprawling metropolis if there’s someone in particular you want to bump into, it’s either your crush or your future love, but rapidly shrinks to the size of a five cent coin when there’s someone you’re trying to avoid. Uggggghhhh, couples. Then the whole place erupts. “Happy Valentine’s Day”.I hate this! Ooooopps! NO! NO! NO! Stop throwing shades, sweetie! As if, you’re the only one person who is staring at the ceiling at 4 AM, wondering if your crush will give you a ring and ask you to go out on a date but it turned out, NOT even a single drop of message.Well, that’s pretty fine single ladies and gents because we have something to celebrate on this Valentine’s day.Underneath are the following blessings that we can enjoy and savor while being an independent and free humans because we are not LONELY even if we are ALONE.

1. More Money

You’ve had quite enough drama for one week or one year or so because of your exes. Now, you can laugh all you like because on this particular day it brings you with no trauma and loony-tune on panic mode from buying and having to spend a whopping amount of money on a heart-shaped necklaces.Coupled with a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates.Plus, you must have the perfect outfit for your date. YASSSS GIRRLLLLL! You are exempted! You can literally save a bunch of money in your pocket. Not to mention that you can get a half-priced chocolate bars and candies on the 15th of February.Wooooot! Woooooot!


Source: Internet

2. More time with friends

“Do I need a glass of wine in my hand for this?” Heck yeah! Cheers to more discounts and fats! It’s a fantastic opportunity to really get your teeth into something meaty like binge on your favorite snacks like overload pizza, cheetos with meaty sauce dip over a gender-mixed Pajama party while watching your Nextflix series rather than crying over “The Notebook” all over again.

No one ever said that Valentine’s day is solely for solid couples couldn’t be a group of friends, did they? Because everyone should have a Lady Coco Channel in our lives.Aha? I got you, baby!



3. No heartache

For some reasons, crushes are the lifesaver why being single isn’t dead like your black lipstick.It’s not boring at all.I mean, girls like to fantasize. Like an easy lot. We’re hopeless romantics. We would always think about how’s life would be if it was a movie.Hmm… what if we did that someday?” or “How would I react if he said that to me?” the endless “what ifs”, questions and made up scenarios that goes through our minds every single time or perhaps every millisecond.Exaggerating? Certainly. Bitterness? Of course, NOT.

In nutshell, NO BOYFRIEND? NO PROBLEM! Go and buy yourself a ticket to watch the “Fifty Shades of Grey” and let Jamie Dornan be your date or Lee Min Ho if you’re on a tight budget on k-drama dot com.


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4. Less obligations

Number one, some of these girls obviously have far better skincare regimens than you do like shaving your legs, counting from 1-100 to curl your lashes and leaving a DIY face mask on your face for at least 15 minutes last night.Number two, you’re the only person who wakes up late because everyone is prepping for their date like greeting a message at 5AM, booking for a restaurant, ordering flowers and chocolates and picking her/him as early as you can.And lastly, you’re not obligated to pay the bills in all forms without reservation.Another savings!



5. More sleep

No swelling.No puffiness.Aha! The best gift that you can give to yourself this Valentine’s Day is to sleep like a baby.Sleep so peacefully at night knowing you’re single and ain’t nobody cheating on you tonight because tomorrow is another day.Another day to wear that intensifying mascara to open your eyes up for the best option and sing the song ” A whole new world”.

Whether you’re celebrating with your friends, family or not, we have to remember that being alone time is needed, for us to work on ourselves and grow as an individual because when you’re 100% happy being single, you are more than enough ready for a relationship.As to one of the inspiring quotes that I stumbled on.

“Single is not a status. It is a word that describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others.”-Unknown.


Source: Internet

P.S. Please don’t forget to buy some flowers or chocolates or even write a card for your mom and dad because they’re are first people who love you first unconditionally before that special someone came into your life.I LOVE YOU GIRLS!

BTW, Keep me posted on what happens to your date with friends or better off drop a comment below that we can do on Valentine’s day aside from the things that were mentioned above.Thank you! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY BEAUTIFUL SOULS!

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