A warm welcome from the city of Vientiane, home with a massive gilded stupa.


Have you heard about a visa run? To put it simply, it’s like stepping back in a country and then go back again for a one or two day trip to get an extension for longer days. Well, the first time when my mom heard about it, she thought that I was a TNT or in local lingo it means ‘TAGO NG TAGO’ (hiding and hiding) and referred to Filipinos who went overseas as tourists and stayed in a country without the proper documents. But I don’t consider myself as an alien OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) because I know I was properly documented and protected before flying to Vietnam under POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration) but of course, sometimes we have to face different seasons in life that we have to move in another place in order to fullfill our dreams and I understand that I have to embrace discomfort to get ready for the next level and that’s totally fine. I mean, I can’t complain about it because this is what I want and the best thing I can do is to focus on solutions instead of problems. And VISA RUN is top of mind, I had to go back to the daily grind so that I could continue working and moving to reach my goals in life.

And speaking of goals, my goal is to maximize my quick trip into a daylong odyssey and pay attention to this five immediate experience in Vientiane City.

1. Night Market

Honestly, I do really enjoy being in night markets because this concept has really gotten to people in the mood of good party where you can see a stretch of several blocks of foods, clothes, souvenirs or mementos to buy from along the whole side riverside area of the Mekong River. Night markets are crowded, and the hustle and bustle but can be really exciting because it is fun, delicious and inexpensive.

And sometimes you can lose track of time because hours can pass without you noticing and I like it because sometimes we forget to experience, what’s happening right now because we’re so anxious about the future or things that aren’t happening yet. We forget to live in the moment through savoring the meal or drink and sip a milk tea and think ” This is not good as what I had last time” or play balloon shooting and say ” This is so fun! I want to do this next time!. Usually involves senses matters most.


We act like locals and tried to blend in with its environment. 


The Blurry Lights in the City Lights

2. Pha That Luang-Vientiane Great Stupa

If you ask a monk what a stupa is, he will most likely say “a spiritual monument that represents the mind of Buddha. And if you are in Laos, you can’t miss this one, because Pha That Luang stupa is the symbol, of the city of Vientiane not to mention that this huge golden stupa is literally covered in gold, not a painting.

The Pha That Luang is built on three levels, which symblize the ascent from the Earth to the sky, the underworld (first level), the 30 perfections of Buddhism (second level) and the prelude to the Kingdom of heaven (third level)



This monument of the city of Vientiane, is considered one of the best architectural works of Buddhism around the world.

3. Patuxai Monument and Architecture

Laos would not be Laos without its celebrated monuments like Pratuxai, also called Victory of Gate of Vientienne not to mention that it’s a Paris inspired and a symbol who fought in the independence of Laos against France.

But, what I like the most is the arches’ ceilings contain Laos style ornamentation like illustration of the mythological creatures like three headed elephant and Hindu Gods, which reminds me of Greek Gods and Goddesses just like Zeus and Athena whom I really admired for being brave and strong who only fights with a purpose as wise as Aphrodite. While most of us see ourselves as damsel in distress who needs to be saved, which I defy the rules of the society.Because I’m starting to believe that God is building a new generation of women who knows how to fight and when it happens, then the world turn into a paradise of love.


As the taxi or tuk-tuk pulled up to my Parisian feels into this work of Arts.

4. Wat Si Saket

It is the oldest temple of the town that is still in its original form, still standing and it has the oldest monastery in the country.ew temples that survived the attack and destruction by the Siamese armies during the Siamese-Lao war of 1828, when Vientiane was looted and burnt.

From all sides I can see the foundations of the traditional art and design of the temple from the ceiling to surrounding terrace to wood carvings.Such a brilliant place that you can’t deny the expressive or imaginative quality of pieces that are set its back to resting place.


My hair says it all how calm and peaceful this amazing place.Plus, the spiritual vibes literally like goes through out the city of Vientiane City.

5.Ho Phra Keo and the museum

This ancient temple is one of the beautiful destinations that you should add to your itinerary when taking a Laos travel because of its culture and awe-inspiring landscape to enjoy the lush green sets in.

This attraction includes ancient Buddha stone statues that dot the whole city of Vientiane, which played an important role into Laosian people since it was built for Laos Royals and to enshrine the Emerald Buddha which stayed until 1779, when it was taken to Thailand.


The interior space of the temple features a museum and a souvenir shop. The museum is where showcasing numerous relics of Lao culture.

Overall, it was an amazing city with great people-watching at City Night Market and hottest eating city because its mixture of Khmer and Thai foods.

What about you, have you tried maximizing your trip while on a visa run? Feel free to ask any questions about this city, visa runs, or anything else. Hope you enjoy the photos!



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